What Do Women Find Attractive in Men?

Exploring How to Be Attractive to Women


By Carolyn Anderson










What do women find attractive in men? It is not just about good looks, or your being nice that makes you attractive to women. You maybe wondering why some attractive women are attracted to the not-so-good-looking men and some may even be attracted to those you consider the ‘bad guys.’ Indeed, attraction can not be logical.

If you are among those who are curious on knowing what do women find attractive in men, here are simple but useful ideas that might help you find out the secrets and attract the woman you want in your life.

One thing you can keep in mind is to be just yourself and not pretending to be someone you are not. Pretending is indeed a waste of effort.

Sometimes it also helps to be someone who is not always available. Women love challenges at times and if you are trying too hard to be always available for them and acting always nice and pleasant may not be something that may pique their interest.

As far as personal qualities are concerned, what do women find attractive in men are their self-confidence, intelligence and sense of humor. They like men who are confident about themselves and who those who know how to attract any woman effortlessly.

Women are also very good at guessing a man’s personality through his body language. So, if you’re not self-confident, your hidden insecurities will show off in your body language. When it comes to intelligence, women really finds a man attractive if he is knowledgeable about a lot of things around him, be it professional, social, or political issues. Aside from expertise in different fields, emotional intelligence is also of great importance for women. To communicate effectively with them, you should know how to adjust to their emotional state.

A lot of women are easily turned on with men who have a great sense of humor. They enjoy being around with men who can make them laugh and entertain them. Of course, nobody would want to hate funny men. Being funny and adventurous show how comfortable you are with yourself and that means a lot to any woman.

Women are also attracted to hardworking and dignified men. Being hardworking shows that you are also responsible and this guarantees success, which is a major turn on for all women. In addition to that, women are also attracted to men who have high-perceived status in the society.

What do women find attractive in men are their genuine interest and positive attitudes. Women pay more attention to a man’s attitude rather than his personal appearance. But that does not necessarily mean that you have to forget about your personal grooming and hygiene. To make a positive impression on the woman you want to be in a relationship with, you also have to pay attention to staying well-groomed and in shape at all times. It’s also for your own good. But to really impress a woman, you have to look natural and not artificial. A woman will be interested in you if you show genuine interest in her as well. You can prove that by paying attention to her and being a good listener.

Now that you already know some answers to the question of what do women find attractive in men, it’s good also if you know what women find unattractive in men. The qualities that you should avoid showing to women are your insecurities, immaturity, and ego. Remember that most women easily gets turned off with insecure, immature and egotistical men.

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